OSCE observers are of the opinion.

Presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey had been unfair, according to the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe.

This writes with reference to .

During the election campaign, the opposition was placed at a disadvantage, while the government’s political associations — the Party of justice and development and nationalist movement Party — were given illegal benefits.

Such a disadvantage was observed in the coverage of the race.

«The outcome of these elections was affected by the identified restrictions on fundamental rights,» said one of the observers from the OSCE Ignacio Sanchez Amor.

However, the OSCE observers are of the opinion that on the day of voting was mostly respected the rules, with some exceptions.According to the results of counting of votes on presidential elections in Turkey on Sunday, June 24, defeated the incumbent President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who received 52.5 per cent of votes. For his main rival Muharrem ince voted 31.5% of voters.

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