The actors met on the set of the famous Saga.

On-screen romance ended in a real wedding: star of TV series «Game of thrones» (Game of Thrones) kit Harington and rose Leslie, who played the TV show lovers, the weekend got married in Scotland, reports citing .

The wedding took place in the Church of Rayne in Aberdeenshire, and was attended by not only relatives of the bride and groom, but also many of their colleagues on the series and fellow actors: split with the bride and groom this happy day came, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Peter Dinklage and other stars of the series (which, incidentally, is about to end).

For wedding rose chose a lace gown with long sleeves, head was decorated with a delicate wreath and veil. The groom is also not struck in a dirt the person — in three-piece suit kit looked like a real dandy.

Down the aisle the bride was led by a father who later addressed the congregation from the Church: «We are incredibly happy and excited that rose and kit are getting married today. This is a special day for us and for the whole of Aberdeenshire, because the wedding was attended by many local companies»,— said Sebastian Leslie, who at the wedding, by the way, appeared in a traditional Scottish kilt.

After the ceremony they all went to the family castle family Leslie (XII century), where he continued the celebration — the wedding will take place here until the morning. The couple, which guests are showered with rice and petals, left the Church effectively: ‘Land Rover, which was decorated with ribbons and flowers.Rose and kit met on the set of «Game of thrones», where he played lovers: kit — Jon snow, rose — Ygritte of the Wildlings of the people. In September 2017, the couple announced their engagement, and from that moment all fans of the super popular series was waiting for the wedding. Well, now this story has a classic happy ending.

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