The head of Caesar was extremely convex.

Scientists from the National Museum of antiquities of the Netherlands carried out a 3D reconstruction image of the Roman dictator Julius Caesar and published the pictures. As reported by Fox News, the simulations showed that the head of Caesar was unusually bulging, bloated, what could be the consequence of birth trauma.

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«The doctor said that this happens when the birth is complicated. This does not come up as an artist,» explained anthropologist Maya Dollase. The researchers reconstructed using marble bust of Caesar from the Museum’s collection.

«The sculpture is very damaged, so it was decided to Supplement the disappeared parts such as the nose and chin, based on another portrait of the ruler — the so-called bust of Tuscola», — told the Agency.Previously, scientists were able to restore the image of the ancient Egyptians, called Marianum (beloved of Anum), her mummy, whose age is estimated at about two thousand years.

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