Ufologists claim that the video is authentic.

Ufologists have provided a video that demonstrates how huge UFO in sight from the International space station, distorts the structure of clouds in low-earth orbit that is very similar to the formation of a «mole hole» to the other world, according to .

Such portals, as we can see, the researchers write, is not only on Earth but also in space, in particular, on the orbit of our planet. Conspiracy theorists, in turn, claim that NASA employees even in 2015 interested in this topic, studying it from a purely scientific, and even with a practical purpose, because it is through such wormholes possible in the future to travel across the Universe, overcoming unimaginable distances in a matter of days and months.

By the way, recently we wrote about plans by NASA about space travel with much greater speed than the speed of light, and this information caused a certain resonance in the Internet. Not all world wide web users believe that it’s real for Americans (fans of space hoaxes) and generally to the earth at the present time.

However, almost all who are interested in space travel, sure that the aliens are moving in space and time through «wormholes», because even the tremendous speed of light in our physical world is too small to overcome the unthinkable interstellar distance.Well, write a UFO captured by a camera of the ISS distortion of space in low earth orbit, and the appearance at this point a UFO only supports this theory…

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