What you need to know, going to work.

Today, due to unemployment in Ukraine, many families find it hard to make ends meet. Some have to leave the country to get a job, which by our standards would be «money». According to estimates of various experts, the number of labour migrants ranges from 2 to 3 million a year. Edition of «Today» found out which countries are waiting for the Ukrainians, who need foreign employers and how not to get trapped with employment abroad, reports citing .

Anyone who is looking for?

In our time to find a job abroad is simple enough. On one site, OLX, under the heading «Working abroad», published more than 6,000 proposals from agencies and directly from employers. Often a single job can simultaneously search for several candidates. For the countries that the selection is great and, if you want, you can go anywhere.

«The most popular countries, where Ukrainian workers is Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Holland, Israel, Spain, Norway, – said Maria Abdullin, head of OLX Job. The most popular are unskilled specialists: strawberry pickers, tree trimmers/specialists in the care of the soil, packers, warehouse workers, waiters, cleaners/maids, porters, handymen, etc. Also many proposals for «workers». Need welders, plumbers, facade, bricklayers, concrete workers, painters, builders of all specialties, nurses and other».

Take the family and working up to 16 hours

Analysts OLX Job applicants are always recommended to carefully read the duties described by the employer in the job. This is due to the fact that often the vision of an applicant may not coincide with what is meant by the company.

So, for example, describes the responsibilities of packers of diapers that are required in Poland: «Packer is responsible for the correctness of packing of products in cartons, for proper installation on the tray, preparing raw materials, cleaning around the line, quality control». The applicant may find that his responsibilities will include exclusively Packed goods. Accordingly, it will think that the preparation of raw material etc. given «a load», which it previously did not give consent.

Note that many companies are quick to point out in the ad all the necessary information: salary, duration of working day, the deduction from wages (accommodation, food, taxes, etc.) to avoid misunderstandings at an early stage.

«If we talk about a «fork» of wages, they are tempting, – says Olga Board, consultant recruiting company. For laborers it 600-1500 euros per month, for «workers» – 1500-2000 euros/month., for highly skilled workers – 3000-4000 Euro, and sometimes «reaches» up to 6000 euros/month. But at the same time, the working day is longer than in Ukraine – 8-16 hours, a lot of hourly work with the minimum monthly production».

Housing is most often provided by the employer. But for the money, with a deduction from wages. According to information from ads on OLX a job with the Czech employers is in the range of 3000 CZK/month. (3600 UAH/month.), in Lithuania – 100 euros/month. (3075 UAH/month.), in Israel – 1,000 shekels/month. (7330 UAH/month.) etc. Welcome, by the way, family businesses work.

However, if the rental and «communal» deducted from the salaries, the cost of food will have to provide before you travel. On food an average of 150 euros/month. (4615 UAH/month.) per adult, – stated in one of the ads for work in Lithuania. In OLX Work suggest that there are a number of points that must be clarified before deciding on going abroad:

who covers the cost of food: the applicant or the employer;
if the employer pays housing;
how will the visa process and the cost of this service;
the issue of flights and transfers, and on whom lay down these costs.

Very often in the ad note and the additional requirements for applicants, such as language skills and work experience.

«So, drivers in Poland immediately looking for a free Polish and knowledge of the city/country. At the same time, working for the shipment of seafood in Norway, language proficiency is not required, since there are Russian-speaking foremen. But he writes that people must be hardy to a particular temperature regime. But to the medic to go to work in Norway without knowing the language is not enough. Therefore, the ad candidates are requested to complete a training course from the Agency,» – said Maria Abdullina. According to her, present in the work abroad and such a thing as seasonality. For spring-summer publish most of the vacancies related to the work on the ground, in the garden and stay on the street. In autumn and winter they become less prevalent and the demand for labour in the enterprises, construction, etc.

How to safely find a job in another country

Despite the fact that many of the ads specified that the work is legal, and the employer and/or Agency dependable, the experts OLX Work is recommended to always check this information.

«Let’s see if the intermediaries the registration certificate and license for such work. The latter can be checked on the website of the Ministry of social policy. Make sure that the mediator is working with the country where you are going. In addition, the Agency must have a direct contract with a foreign firm-the employer, translated into the state language. It is also important to search the Internet for various reviews about the Agency and/or employer and to find someone who was already working there. It is advisable to contact them beforehand and ask about their experience with the company. Remember, before you travel abroad, you should have a signed contract with the Agency, which takes into account the paragraph on payment by the employer of wages on the card,» he advised at OLX.By following these recommendations, according to experts, Ukrainians can go to another country to work, confident in the security of employment abroad and that in the future will be able to return home.

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