To eliminate debt before the miners want the Committee approved changes to the state budget.

The Ministry of energy and coal industry promises to solve the issue of repayment of wage arrears to miners until the end of the year. This was during the hour of questions to government on Friday, June 22, said the Deputy Minister of energy and coal industry Anatolii Korzun, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

According to him, the proposal of the government regarding changes to the Budget must support the budget Committee of the Parliament.

«In the case of support of the budget Committee and Parliament, this issue will be resolved, and debt before the end of the year the miners will no longer be», — he said.

Korzun said that last week Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman has instructed the Finance Ministry and the energy Ministry to develop additional sources to increase state support.»About debt on a salary to miners, it is not so critical as it was in past periods. However, last week was the order of the Prime Minister Ministry of Finance and our Ministry to develop additional sources to increase state support. This is for those enterprises that lack their own commercial products for paying 100% wages,» he said.

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