iPhone 5s was surprised by the speed of the new beta iOS 12

When Apple presented iOS 12, the company talked a lot about what the main focus of the update was made on improving the performance of older devices. And for the second beta of the new operating system, you can verify that it was not just words, writes with reference to

Recently, YouTube has a few videos where the author compares the performance of the different iPhone models on iOS 11.4 and the second beta of iOS 12. In all cases, smartphones have really become to perform the same tasks faster (except in the case of the iPhone 8 is not so noticeable). But most of all surprised the iPhone 5s is the performance difference really was significant.

It is seen that with iOS 12 beta 2 on Board the device works faster, including with standard applications. It was expected that Apple will stop support for some older models of the iPhone, but in the end the update became available for iPhone 5s/iPhone 6.Release version 12 iOS for all users will become available in September of this year.

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