Computer size is only 0.3 mm compared to him even one grain of rice seems to be considerable.

Experts from the University of Michigan has previously established the record for size –an instance of about 2x2x4 mm, which is even being disconnected from the network, it still kept all software and digital data, being connected again – what, however, can not boast of a new computer chip from IBM, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

There is brewing a very interesting question from the point of view of computer engineering and what can be considered a computer?

The fact that the new chip of IBM, being deprived of energy to power, does not store software algorithms and data recorded on it previously. Yes, and it works in a special way, in connection with their microrasbora.

It receives energy from light waves, which are transmitted through special receivers – the chip they are also present – and then, with the help of a special system of LED light, these waves are absorbed by the device to ensure its performance. As pointed out by David Blow, Professor of computer engineering at the University of Michigan, the new chip was able to establish a special type of memory, enough to save some data also indicates photovoltaic batteries.One of the most visible problems in the development of such a small computer chip is the fact that ensuring his diet is problematic both at low and high frequencies – especially considering the fact that typically high-frequency sound is not attained. However, experts from IBM intend to further improve on the current concept of its new computer of the microchip, surpassing in this initiative the previous record holders. It remains only to wait for a response and action from specialists from Michigan.

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