In Kazakhstan by the decree of the leader Nursultan Nazarbayev held large-scale decommunization: the demolition of Soviet monuments, renamed towns, streets and squares.

It is noted that recently in the town of Esil, was demolished monument to Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, writes with reference to .

Before that Aktobe was destroyed the monument to the first Chapter of the Kazakh SSR Levon Mirzoyan, who participated in the repressions of 1937.

And on the eve of 9 may, the Kazakhs took out an entire memorial complex work lead plant who died in the Second world war.

In addition, massively renamed «ideologically obsolete» Soviet names of towns, avenues, squares and streets.

However, frequent cases of vandalism have not demolished the Communist monuments. The Kazakhs clearly do not have much to this page and trying to get rid of reminders.

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