Of them are building entire hotel complexes.

In the UK gaining popularity of camping. Of the latest «innovations» – the whole hotel complexes of tree houses.

Tree house would like to have almost every child – so say British parents. Because it’s not just a place to play. For children is a small separate world with its own rules. The complex, in the County of Sussex, these cottages are just fabulous. The owner says was inspired by the works of the architect Gaudi, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

Despite the fact that life in the tree house is not cheap, families with children are missing. When tired to sleep among the branches, you can spend the night in the trailer, or even a double-Decker bus.And for those who visits these places not for the money – also can be creative. The houses on the tree build is not required. But to build together with the kids from scrap materials a small place.

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