The sensor reports the CPU temperature data in the form of pulses.

American engineers costly the smallest computer in the world, with a total volume of 0.04 cubic millimeter. It comes with ARM-processor and a temperature sensor that receive power and input signals through light pulses, and transmit the temperature data via the onboard led.

This was reported on the official website of the University of Michigan writes, citing a.

A group of engineers from the University of Michigan under the direction of David Bleau announced the creation of the smallest computer in the world. They created the chip, which has a capacity of 0.04 cubic millimeter, equipped with a 32-bit processor based on the ARM architecture Cortex-M0+. In addition, it has a volatile memory, a temperature sensor and the optical arrangement with fotovoltaicos element and the led, which allows the chip to receive power and input signals via light pulses and send an output signal in the same way.

The sensor reports the CPU temperature data in the form of pulses with an appropriate time interval, the processor compares the pulses with a constant interval received from the base station via light signals. The developers claim that the accuracy of temperature measurement is 0.1 degrees Celsius. Engineers propose to use chip to measure the difference of temperatures in tissues, which may indicate the presence of a malignant tumor.It is worth noting that the authors doubt whether to call this device a computer, because it can take input, perform calculations and give the result in the form of the output signal, but has no permanent memory and cannot retain data without external power.

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