According to the writer, Russia is still a lot to catch up with residents of the Russian Federation cannot become Europeans, because in this country will take another 150 years.

This was stated by Russian writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya in the program «Gordon» on the TV channel «112 Ukraine», writes with reference to .

«We cannot become Europeans, we need another 150 years, maybe more. This here is the difference dogomania, it actually exists. We feel communicating with people in different countries,» she said. Ulitskaya said that Russia becomes a world-province, especially with regard to level of education and culture. «Unfortunately, we now have a very falling level of education and level of culture» — said the writer. In

«To me it seems extremely important in the situation in which we find ourselves, to reduce the level of aggression. Moreover, we are unable to reduce the aggression level of our superiors and of our military leadership, but a level of aggression we reduce can. Don’t be annoyed, not angry, not fly into a rage, not despair,» added Lyudmila Ulitskaya.

«You know how they became Russian? Russian tsars first, we stole the name «Rus». After all, they were Muscovites. Russia is our. Your parents stole the house, and you say that the owners are those who have stolen,» she said.

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