UGC 9555 consumed at least one large galaxy.

An international team of astrophysicists has discovered a new giant radio galaxy. It has become one of the largest open so far. Corresponding Preprint available on the website, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

A lenticular radio galaxy UGC 9555 in diameter reaches to 8.34 million light years, which is approximately 83 times the value of this parameter for the milky Way. The property is situated at a distance of approximately 820 million light years from Earth and is part of a larger system of galaxies MSPM 02158.

Astronomers obtained data indicate that UGC 9555 consumed at least one large galaxy. Object scientists were able to detect in the framework of MSSS (Tones Snapshot Sky Survey).

Feature of radio galaxies is a powerful radio emission. Among them are separately allocated giant radio galaxies, such star clusters in diameter exceeds 6.5 million light-years. Their study allows us to understand the formation and evolution of radio sources.Currently the largest radio galaxy is considered J1420-0545. Its diameter is estimated at 16 million light years.

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