Телеканал "Украина" объединил усилия с изданием "Сегодня"
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The program «Events» changed the name, now the reader and the audience will be easier to find information

The new name of TV news. Now «Today» is the only brand for the newspaper, website and television.

The TV channel «Ukraine» have joined efforts with the newspaper «Today». It is read by almost 600 thousand Ukrainians. And the site «Today» is the leader among the Internet media.

New name – new Studio. More modern and functional. In the air will be a lot of surprises and even more «hot» news. The main principle – everything you need to know today.

«The newspaper «Today» is more than news. This analytical view of what is happening outside the window. How to live with it, what will happen next,» said Olga Guk, chief editor of the newspaper «Today».

Night – print. And in the morning the newspaper will be in all newsstands of the country. «Today» is read by almost 600 thousand Ukrainians.

The website Segodnya.ua the ratings leader among online media. Daily – about 400 news.

«Especially for social networking, we are preparing relevant content. We fully try to be there where there are our readers,» said Svetlana Panyushkina, editor of the site Segodnya.ua

The reader and the viewer now will be easier to look for information.

«Several guests in the Studio, a new column is live, resonant investigations of our correspondents. With the help of modern equipment we can do live broadcasts from multiple venues,» – said in turn, Yuriy Sugak, the chief editor of the TV channel «Ukraine».

As always, reporters are in the maelstrom of events to bring a fresh and verified information.

«So the first time you saw the news, «Today», realized that it gets accurate, reliable, timely, and most importantly – useful information in a convenient form 24 hours a day, seven days a week», – said Oleksiy Mustafin, General Director of «Media Group Ukraine».

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