Блокада на Донбассе и коррупция: о чем говорил Гройсман на Кабмине
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Groisman noted that completely abandon the anthracite coal in the energy sector will be a maximum of 5 years, and responded to the accusations in his address

Ukraine’s economy is growing and inflation has slowed, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman reported on the activities of the government in 2016.

As reported, the Ministers said at the Cabinet meeting on economic blockade of Donbass, however, before the imposition of emergency in the energy sector is not reached – this question was not even considered.

However, the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada Arthur Gerasimov did not rule out the possibility of introducing a state of emergency in the energy sector due to the blockade.

He noted that more than two-week perekrytiya some MPs and veterans of military operations in the Donbass railway. This makes it impossible for the supply of anthracite coal from the temporarily occupied regions of Donbas and harms national interests of Ukraine.

«Depends on Ukrainian metallurgy. In metallurgy employs 300 thousand people. And when we talk about accelerated economic growth, which will allow to raise pensions – you need to the real economy worked, and didn’t stop… We need to distinguish between smuggling and the fight with the Ukrainian people», – said Groisman.

Groisman noted that completely abandon the anthracite coal in the energy sector will be a maximum of 5 years subject to an annual investment of at least UAH 15 bn.

The meeting was also presented with the Public report of the government for 2016. Presented a paper the Prime Minister. First of all, Groisman noted economic growth in the fourth quarter, growth reached more than 4.5% of GDP.

Also among the achievements of Volodymyr Groysman identified increase in salaries for state employees of up to 3200 UAH, large-scale reconstruction of roads, the establishment of a unified gas prices and support the needs of the Armed forces of Ukraine. In this vein, the Prime Minister said that in 2016, the soldiers received 1,040 apartments.

In addition, Groisman responded to the accusations in his own corruption.

«Mom Ukrainian economic weakness, the destruction of Ukrainian independence, corruption, populism and inefficiency is Yulia Tymoshenko… Maybe she has nothing to all the corrupt schemes associated with the gas?», the Prime Minister said.

Returning to public reporting, Groisman said that the government’s priority for the current year will be to increase the welfare of citizens, the return of confidence in the Ukrainian courts and the development of the Armed Forces.

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