Probably every woman at least once the question arises, what will happen to our planet Earth and us if all men disappear at once?

It should be noted that employees of the Academy of Sciences located in Australia, suggests that males will be extinct in about five million years, reports citing .

If you rely on logic, then that will start the human extinction, there will be war, many areas of human life, such as rescuers, law enforcement, agriculture and industry will decline, without male power.

Experts say that the population about to die, and this will be enough for just a couple of decades, however, scientists have denied the fact that there will be war, on the contrary, the military would not be as politically aggressive politicians.

With the disappearance of men to decrease the crime around the world. Agriculture and industry will suffer, but after a few years women will be able to manage the data structures are not worse than men, experts believe. Scientists will search for a different technology and method of propagation. Money sent for the creation of a successful method of cloning will be special schools where students will be taught the work at the factory for cloning.

This is interesting: In a Chinese restaurant doing a huge discount girls in mini skirts
Will cease to exist companies that produce products for men. In the first decades people will die from accidents, as women rescuers, firemen and policemen very little.

Gradually begin to clear the air, and in fifty years it will be almost like in the middle ages.

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