Лохмотья от кутюр: тренд на латаную одежду завоевывает мир
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This style is called borough and there are such things with the rags more than four hundred dollars

Over the world step fashion patched clothes. Ukrainians already in the trend, not least because it is economical.

Experts told how to turn the damaged items on stylish.

Seamstress Julia used to patch even old sweaters. He says the demand for clothing repair is growing. The Ukrainians are asking to hide the frayed knees jeans, stains on blouses and holes from the iron.

«This problem was from the iron. Our task is to cover that hole so no one guessed that she was there,» says Julia Kukosh, teacher of sewing skill and shows a big hole on the jacket.

To close, Julia chooses special lace: «Put over holes on the jacket as a patch» – she said and added that this work costs about 50 UAH.

According to her, for the patch will have to pay from fifty to two hundred hryvnia.

Patching may not be cheap, but it’s worth it. Sure Ukrainian designer Serge Smolin.

«Stickers, chevrons, seals, birds, stars. Anything that is glued and stitched. We can put a squirrel in his pocket in the form of application. It will look very nice and ironic,» notes Serge Smolin.

It is noteworthy that for the first time to decorate clothing with patches to the Japanese. This style is called borough and there are such things with the rags over four hundred dollars.

In 2017 deliberate patch can already be seen on the runway of high fashion. French designers huge stripes adorn the pants, blouses and even skirts of luxurious evening dresses.

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