На Донбассе задержали разочарованного боевика "Моисея"
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The man spoke about unfulfilled desire to earn extra money

На Донбассе задержали разочарованного боевика "Моисея"

In the Donbass detained another militant. Photo: AFP

In the Donetsk region detained a 42-year-old local resident, who previously was the so-called «Cossack Union «the don Cossacks». It is reported by local police.

According to authorities, the man was detained on PPC «Novotroitsk» while trying to get to Ukraine-controlled territory.

«During verification of documents on the bases of the interior Ministry, he was identified as the fighter with a call sign «Moses» involved in the occupation of the region. The replenishment of the bands «manpower» comes on the calculated RF scenario – the destruction of the economy of the Donetsk region, bringing people to poverty, plus propaganda. Due to the poor financial situation of the miners left the mine and went to serve in the ranks of the «Cossacks», – explained in the police.

Next action with a gun guarded by a military unit in Makeyevka. However, not having for a few months, a penny, a man left the service and returned home.

We will remind, for the last days fighters made 72 shelling, which wounded one Ukrainian soldier.

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