Остров в форме сердца, экстремальная стрела амура и сладкий букет: мир отпраздновал День святого Валентина
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In Saudi Arabia, celebrating Valentine’s Day and not charge a huge fine

Island in the shape of a heart pierced with arrows of Cupid. Such beauty Valentine’s Day organized in Croatia. But the fact that Europe is a cause for joy, in Pakistan a great sin. There even banned the holiday for all lovers.

As Valentine’s Day was welcomed across the globe – an international review Today.

Pierced by Cupid’s arrow the heart is the fruit of imagination of artists vividly recreated skydivers. The three adventurers jumped from the plane over the island of Love in the Adriatic sea, which in symbolic form is also called the island of love.

While they were flying, were grouped in a triangle, shaped like a Cupid’s arrow. That plan succeeded, the panel had to calculate its flight to the second. And all because of the vagaries of the weather: in winter, over the island – mostly cloudy. Today in the sky light for a few minutes during which skydivers and implemented unsurpassed flight.

And here in the shop Belgian chocolate created hearts that can not only be seen but also to try. Stores Belgian chocolate, which is considered one of the best in the world today is full of treats in the shape of a heart. However, the highlight of this year is the confectionery set of three roses: white, milk and dark chocolate.

But in Pakistan other orders: officially forbidden to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The corresponding decision was taken by the Supreme court in Islamabad after he received a petition. Vote for a ban of the festival was collected by the citizen Abdul Wahid, who argued that the holiday is not part of Muslim traditions.

But Pakistan is not the only country where St. Valentine was not happy. In Iran, for example, prohibit the manufacture or distribution of any Souvenirs for lovers, like Valentines and red roses. And in Saudi Arabia for the celebration of Valentine’s Day and not charge a huge fine.

Earlier Today figured out how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in different countries of the world.

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