In the Kiev mayor’s office said that the cause of the underground explosion could short circuit in the cable.

In the center of Kiev on the sidewalk was rocked by a powerful underground explosion, injuring two people, reports the online edition citing .

The incident occurred on the street, 24. When the two men walked along the sidewalk, under ground explosion. They burned the clothes, and one of the pedestrians suffered burns of the face.

However, they managed to self-extinguish in itself the fire and go to the pharmacy.

Currently working on-site gas emergency, Kyivenergo and law enforcement, which does not comment on the circumstances of the incident.

In the Kiev mayor’s office said that the cause of the explosion could short circuit in the cable, says Today.

«We received a report that a pedestrian passing threw the bull into a manhole, and then an explosion was heard. But the place of the accident no hatch no. Previously there could be a short in the cable with capacity of 10 kW, which caused the subsequent explosion,» — said the head of the Department of emergency KSCA Roman Tkachuk.

«My personal guess is this could happen due to water ingress in the damaged cable,» he added.

The media also reported about the version witoka gas, which now checks the gas service.It should be noted that the consequences of the explosion could’ve been more tragic because five meters from the epicenter of the explosion is a gas substation.

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