В Италии начал пробуждаться супервулкан, угрожающий всей Европе
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Scientists fear that the eruption will be catastrophic, changing drastically the whole continent

В Италии начал пробуждаться супервулкан, угрожающий всей Европе

In Italy, the volcano awoke. Photo: AFP

The sleeping volcano, located near Naples, the Phlegrean fields dismantles the obvious signs of revival.

According to Italian and French scholars who have studied the volcano, its eruption can not only tuck risk the lives of those living nearby half a million people but have disastrous consequences for all of Europe, changing drastically the whole continent.

Under the volcano has accumulated a large number of gases under pressure. In the area of the Phlegraean fields already constantly undergoing vertical vibrations. However, according to experts, at the moment it is impossible to predict when it might occur eruption.

Earlier it was reported that in Italy the eruption of mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe.

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