Экс-депутат Госдумы РФ переехал в Украину и поделился впечатлениями
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The politician considers Kiev the city from which you do not want to leave and intends to be useful to the country

Экс-депутат Госдумы РФ переехал в Украину и поделился впечатлениями

Ex-Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. Photo: Facebook

The former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov, along with his wife moved to Kiev, not even waiting for the end of parliamentary powers, where he accepted a Ukrainian citizenship. The politician has told in interview «Censor. No.»

According to him, in Russia it is impossible to realize themselves or to defend something, since the FSB is fully in control of everything and removes unwanted.

«Today the political system in Russia works only on the destruction of all who are not mounted. Substituted meanings and principles. Violated the law, the rights of voters. Those who do, they are the real traitors,» said Boronenkov.

He also explained why he chose Kiev for a new residence.

«I left because you just don’t want to live in lies and hypocrisy. And in General I agree with the statement of a famous actor that Russia nekrofilskoe country where I love the dead more than the living. The powers we were formally until 4 December. But we decided not to wait for the time of their graduation. We considered different options, but because of the mentality, my roots in the Kherson region and my position which I have often expressed, I decided to move to Kiev. Ukraine is my second country. I here do not feel strange, visitors. Ukraine adopts all who believe in it. There are a lot of problems, but a vector of development, there is a spirit of freedom, there are normal people. I’m a citizen of Ukraine. 4 Dec ended my powers of the Deputy of the State Duma, and on December 6 I became a citizen of Ukraine. The first thing we saw coming here – good people, normal, not evil. From Kiev does not want to leave. In Europe you’ll always be a stranger», – told ex-the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation.

Voronenkov also told me what I wanted to do in Ukraine.

«First and foremost, of course, I’d like to be useful to the country, with all the knowledge that I have. In Russia today, such as I don’t need. I am now in the stage of negotiations. First I got the citizenship because, not being a citizen of the country, it is difficult to stand for any public office. I don’t need privileges, I will try to find their place in life. Understand that it will be hard, not easy. But this is freedom», – said the politician.

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