In the video for the song «Tear» shows footage from the funeral of the militia of Donbass.

Russian singer Julia Chicherina announced the video for the track «Tear» in which he showed the victims of the commanders of the militia of Donbass Givi and Motorola. The video was posted on YouTube page of the artist, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The clip shows footage from the funeral Givi (commander of the battalion «Somalia» Mikhail Tolstoy) and Motorola (commander of the anti-special unit «Sparta» Arseny Pavlov).

It is known that Motorola was killed in the Elevator at home in Donetsk as a result of the explosion of an improvised device attached to the Elevator cable.As for Givi, it died during shelling from rocket thrower «bumblebee» of the Cabinet, in which he was.

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