In London «I look forward to meeting with trump on achievement of the terms and agreements.»

The UK government has not supported the petition to ban the President of the United States Donald Trump to enter the country in the framework of the state visit, when the head of a foreign state is accepted by the Queen. About it reports the Internet-the edition with reference to.

«Her Majesty’s government recognizes the strong beliefs of those who supported the petition, but the petition does not support», – quotes the edition statement of the British government.

The British government also noted that trump’s visit is of great importance for relations between the US and the UK.

«We look forward to meeting with President trump to achieve the terms and agreements», – stated in the message.Earlier official representative of the Prime Minister Theresa may stated that United Kingdom does not intend to cancel the invitation to the Trump to visit the country due to the introduction of the American leader severe restrictions for migrants.

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