Ukrainian striker Roman Zozulya due to a failed attempt to go to Rayo Vallecano until the end of the season can remain without game practice.

Before the close of the winter window transfers Zozulya on loan moved to Segunda club Rayo Vallecano, but local fans accused the football player of Nazism and disrupted the transition. Later the leadership of the «Rayo Vallecano» guaranteed Zozulya and his family’s safety, however, the novel hinted that the club with the Pro-Russian fans want to play.

Authoritative Spanish newspaper «Marca» reported that FIFA has allowed Zozulya to the end of the season to return to the «Dnepr», but this is no longer an option, because the Ukrainian club from-for numerous debts cannot declare new football players.

Now Betis is trying to attach Zozulya in one of the Championships, which start in 2017 year. FIFA has not yet responded to the Spanish club whether such an option.»We are considering different options. According to FIFA rules, there are some items that can be considered. We consider any options in the first place, in favor of the Novel,» said agent Zozulya Vladimir Kuzmenko.

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