Анджелина Джоли наняла пиарщиков для улучшения имиджа
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The actress has decided to seek the services of professional press agents to improve its public image

Анджелина Джоли наняла пиарщиков для улучшения имиджа

Angelina Jolie. Photo: AFP

After the announcement of the divorce with brad pitt Angelina Jolie is constantly in the media spotlight, however, the attitude of the press and public is ambiguous. In many publications assumptions are made that the reason for the collapse of the star’s marriage was not only bad habits of pitt, but first the unstable mental state of angelina Jolie. Moreover, the recent emergence of brad pitt at the ceremony of awarding the «Golden globe», was greeted with applause and compliments, which produce a visibly younger actor, the media create the impression that in terms of the image of Angelina Jolie plays. Public sympathy pitt could not shake even reports about his penchant for alcohol and drugs and allegedly sharpness against children. But the bounce Jolie’s ex-husband visits with children did not add to her points. Realizing this, the actress, according to sources, has decided to seek the services of professional press agents to improve their public image.

A couple of years ago Angelina in an interview admitted that he hates PR, therefore, controls this aspect of their work independently. That, however, resulted in a number of major miscalculations made by her in recent months.

The main error was «emissions» on the situation of children made with the filing of Jolie. This, according to lawyers, gave occasion to the tabloids «rinse» the subject, traumatizing children, and so find themselves in a difficult position. Pitt turned to angelina with a request not to go public, was refused, but after a warm welcome extended to him at the «Golden globes,» the actress agreed, seeing that public opinion was on his side, and the press makes brad the victim rather than the culprit of divorce.

However, the situation was already lost and attempts by Jolie to expose themselves suffering party failed. And therefore has hired professional press agents contact Angelina does not advertise. Soon, however, communicate with media, the actress has no plans. «She’s just nothing to say to journalists,» — said the source.

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