The fugitive President said that the residence was guarded by «heavily armed men».

The fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that he offered to burn the Mezhyhirya residence before escaping.

He told this to the journalist of the newspaper «Kommersant» after the questioning in the court in Rostov-on-don, reports citing.

«I was sure for hundred percent that it would begin to storm the residence! And I was there the soldiers of my guard, serious, loyal, about a thousand people, armed to the teeth, and they would to death standing there! And they would, of course, breaking anything that would put people there is a huge number!», — said Yanukovych.

According to him, people asked: «Should the residence having to put people here?» I said, «she’s not worth a damn! First, I have no residence, I have a house there, for which I paid three million two hundred thousand, the rest of it — not my property! Protect it and stand there to death?»

Also, according to Yanukovych, he offered to burn Mezhyhiria.

«Yes, it was not about my protection and about protection of the residence! I was professionals with machine guns, automatic weapons! And then I said «fuck it, this residence! Let open the gates, let them look!..» Some told me: «Yes, we let her burn in hell!..» I said, «what do you mean? What I have to do with this?! It is not my property to shoot! It belongs to absolutely other people.» «I have a house of 620 square meters and 1.7 hectares of land!», said the fugitive President.

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