This behavior may be totally unrelated to lies.

Scientists from Kyoto University in Japan revealed the secret, explaining why some people can’t look into the eyes of the interlocutor during the dialogue, reports citing .

It turned out that the answer lies in the human brain.

Today, many believe that if a person during a conversation looks into the eyes, it means that he is lying. A new study by Chinese scientists proved that the phenomenon has a scientific explanation and this behavior may be totally unrelated to lies. In the experiment involved 26 volunteers, its essence was to play in the Association, looking at the computer face. Interestingly, when between the participant and the person in the computer was an eye contact that people have had apparent problems with the Association and the words became harder to remember. When subjects were distracted from the person, the word-Association was able to pick up much faster. Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that, during a conversation, especially when the narrator wants to show off eloquence, he will not look in the eyes of others, because in this case, it will be too long to come up with it or even «stammer». The fact is that the brain in this case handles the two types of information (future words and eyes), and to do it simultaneously and quickly, is able to only individuals that are adapted to perform simultaneously multiple actions.

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