Japanese Park made a promise to honor the memory of frozen in the rink of fishes.

Amusement Park in Japan has created a strange attraction – a skating rink with real fish, which was frozen in the ice, reported, citing .

The user Space World in Kyushu has already apologized for the freezing of about five thousand fish, crabs and other aquatic animals in the ice rink.

According to him, the rink was prepared in the framework of a special winter attraction.

The representative of the entertainment complex to toshie Takeda stated that the school is shocked by the negative reaction to this project in social networks. He noted that opened two weeks ago, the attraction was very popular among visitors.

The project was closed because of criticism of Internet users in the Space World.

At the same time, the Park Manager explained that the ice rink thawed for extraction out of fish and crabs. After the Requiem service they are used as fertilizer. Also Takeda added that the animals were already dead at the time of freezing.

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