Fast correctly — what to eat during lent.

During fasting are supposed to refrain from meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, reports citing .

But the human body needs proteins, fats. What can replace meat in the post?

It is believed that in the post cleansed soul and body. But many of those who decided to fast, I notice that quickly began to get tired, complain of headaches and decreased performance. Such a deterioration of health due to the fact that the body lacks protein. Because the usual protein sources — meats, eggs, dairy products for the period of fasting is forbidden.

The mistake many fasting lies in the fact that they continue to eat like the outside of the post, just eliminating animal products. In the end, the basis of their diet for a long period become bread, potatoes, pasta, cereals, vegetables. But this menu is not useful for health and figure. And since physical and spiritual health are interrelated, the goal post will not be easy to achieve.

Protein is the main building material for muscle tissue and body cells. There is no need to deprive your body of it. In order not to harm the health and not to break the fast, you need to find a full replacement for animal protein. If you don’t know what to replace the meat in the post, look for the answer in our article.


The main sources of easily digestible protein during lent are legumes, nuts, mushrooms, seeds. Legumes can be called leaders among vegetable foods rich in protein. If you fast, include in the diet dishes of lentils, peas, beans. To help the body process vegetable protein dishes from legumes, it is desirable to combine with fresh greens and a small amount of cereal food. For example, with lean bread with cereals, sprouted wheat.

Another product from the family of legumes is peanuts, although many people mistakenly call him a nut. In addition to protein, peanuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and fats. But remember that peanuts are very high in calories product. Not to gain extra weight, eat it with fresh vegetables. For example, you can add it to vegetable stews or salads. More useful not raw, but lightly roasted peanuts. Another point: this product belongs to highly allergenic.

Alternate dishes of legumes with cereals. A selection of traditional and exotic grains so wide that during the post you will not get tired from monotony.

When choosing bread prefer atronomy or rye. Pasta is better to buy from whole wheat flour. Try to avoid pastries, refined flour with a high content of sugar as «empty calories» that reflect poorly on the figure.

Soybeans are rich in protein that is fully absorbed by the body. Therefore, the post will include the soy menu soy foods for example tofu, soy milk and «meat». But eat soy in small quantities as it can cause allergies.

Dishes from vegetables and mushrooms — a great addition to your Lenten menu. But not all of them are equally useful.


Despite the fact that mushrooms are rich in protein, to get involved marinated mushrooms is not worth it. They contain extra vinegar and preservatives. It is better to prepare meals from dried mushrooms or fresh mushrooms.


Refusing meat and other animal products in the post, we deprive ourselves of animal fats. As proteins, they need to be replaced with vegetable fats. The easiest option is vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, corn, etc.). In addition, a large amount of fat contained in olives (olives), nuts, seeds, avocado, coconuts. As you can see, the answer to the question «What can replace meat in the post?» is simple. All these healthy foods will not allow a fasting person to stay hungry, to feel fatigue or loss of energy. Of course, it will help him be cleansed physically and spiritually.Vegetables also contain protein, albeit in small quantities. The main value of vegetables in vitamins, minerals and fiber. But do not get involved with a lot of fresh vegetables. This food is for the stomach heavy. Thanks to cooking vegetables become more digestible to humans. Besides, for the assimilation of vitamins A and E need fat. So prepare vegetables and salads and refill them with oil. And for soups and side dishes vegetables, it is desirable fry a little.

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