The ex-President could not answer any of the weapons were shot activists in the hottest days of the Maidan.

The fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that did not give the order to arm law enforcement officers and did not know any of the weapons fired at the activists. He told about it during videotapes from Rostov Svyatoshinskogo district court of Kiev, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

According to him, he did not give instructions to give weapons to the law enforcement authorities, and also stressed that the activists also it was not enough.

«On the issue of firearms law enforcement officials didn’t make the decision. Moreover, I don’t know at what level this decision was made. The weapons that were on the Maidan, were from different sources. First, it was a private hunting weapon of the people, which had people. Buy it was easy, because the interior Ministry allowed under the law is a weapon to buy. Secondly, it was seized by the SBU and interior Ministry arms. Was also imported samples, but I have no information that they are specifically imported to Ukraine», – Yanukovych told.

On the question of which weapon was shot, he found it difficult to answer, noting that this is a question for investigation.

«But what kind of weapon was used on the Maidan, from a weapon fired from the hotel Ukraine on Instytutska street, from the House of trade unions – it’s hard to answer this question, it should give a result», – said the ex-President.He urged anyone with any information on this account, to give testimony, including participants of the Maidan.

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