Under the hood of these cars set modified 362-horsepower series motor Drive-E.

Known throughout the world, Volvo introduced at the automobile show held in Los Angeles recently, the novelties of its production models of the mark the S60 and V60 in 2017, reports citing .

Such novelties literally «broke» fans of cars of mark Volvo.

Judging from the models in practice, you can make quite a substantiated conclusion that the novelties in the model catalogue of production of Volvo are one of the fastest. The maximum speed that can develop S60 and V60 in 2017 — 250 km/h. Enough of just 4.4 seconds at the permissible speed of 100 km/h for the car. Representatives of Volvo hope for a decent score among fans of the brand of the cars.

Updated new S60 and V60 in 2017 have some changes in the departments as a compressor and a supercharger, a sufficiently improved vozduhonagrevatel and camshaft. Presented on auto show cars, S60 and V60 in 2017 fans of fast driving noticed an extraordinary lightness and maneuverability, the change in the reduction drives are very sensitive brake system.

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