Foundation Update thanks in No Man’s Sky now three modes.

Perhaps someone will find it hard to believe, but Hello Games has kept his promise and has just released a new update to the simulation space Explorer No Man’s Sky called Foundation Update, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

As the developers say, the 1.1 patch weight 2.7 GB add to the game the possibility of building bases and pave the way for «the many subsequent free updates». In honor of this event, even the Director of the Studio Sean Murray (Sean Murray) has returned to Twitter.

In addition, thanks to the Foundation Update in No Man’s Sky now three modes:

● Normal (Normal) — normal exploration of the universe;
● Creative (Creative) — allows players to explore the universe «without restrictions» and to build «huge» database;
● Survival (Survival) — «really changes the game», presenting a significantly more difficult test of endurance.

As for the construction, from now on, users No Man’s Sky free to create a kind of Outpost using «modular design and decoration», is made of resources mined during the exploration of the game world. Plus, you can:

● hire on space stations of aliens to aid in learning new technologies. The necessary farming (Yes, now you can enjoy interstellar in agriculture!), engineering, weapons, and science you can find on space stations;
● use the teleporters on space stations, so at any time to move to the base and back;
● to expand its base using containers for storage of valuable resources and rare products;
● find an even more beautiful location, and then disassemble my old database and put all the returned resources into a new house in a new place.

In addition, Hello Games pokumekat over the graphics of No Man’s Sky, adding effect of image blur when playing scenes motion (motion blur) to «emphasize the sense of speed, especially during the flight» (turn on or off in the Options menu), and superior temporal smoothing (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) (also included at your request).But that’s not all! The PlayStation 4 version got photo mode, along with a version for the PC they’ve got a whole bunch of fixes.

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