Summing up another week of the regular season for the hundredth season in NHL history.

Western conference:

Only one team managed to get through the week without a defeat – «Los Angeles», beating Anaheim, the islanders and Chicago, have significantly improved their position in the standings. At least one victory in seven days, won all the 14 clubs of the conference – «Anaheim» and «Winnipeg» in the last moment avoided the status of the worst team of the week.

Last week was unsuccessful for «Chicago» — the leader of the West has won only one victory in four matches and in the match with «Edmonton» «Blackhawks» never were able to answer five successful attacks «oilers».

Eastern conference:

In the East the past week can be called the week «Ottawa» — «senators» consistently beat «Montreal», «Boston», «Carolina» and «Rangers».

«Montreal» last week won two out of three matches – victories are «the Canadiens» harder, but at the expense of viscous protection and the genius of Carey price’s team is still the universal reference point.The leaders in the attack:

1. Conor McDavid (Edmonton) – 29 points (10 goals, 19 assists)
2. Nikita Kucherov («Tampa Bay») – 26 (11+15)
3. Mark Sheifele («Winnipeg») – 24 (12+12)
4. Patrick Kane (Chicago) – 23 (8+15)
5. Alex Galchenyuk (Montreal) – 22 (9+13)

Leading goaltenders:

1. Andrey Vasilevsky («Tampa Bay») — a safety factor of 1.5, 95,1% of the reflected shots
2. Tuuka Rask (Boston) – Kuf. 1,62, 94,0% neg. shots
3. Carey Price (Montreal) – Kuf. Of 1.66, 94.6% of neg. Shots

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