The family is the Guarantor of the Constitution are depicted as Roman patricians.

Well-known journalist and volunteer Yury Kasyanov has published photos of the murals, supposedly available in the home temple of Petro Poroshenko, reports citing .

The frescoes depict the current guarantor of the Constitution and his family in Roman togas.

Note that the volunteer is nowhere explicitly indicate where exactly made this picture. However, the rumor that in his personal Church Poroshenko, which is located in an estate in Koncha Zaspa, the walls are painted with murals with scenes from the life of the President’s family for a long time.

«Somewhere next to the painting lies the Golden baton — says Kasyanov. — Peter, how did it happen that you began to compare with Viktor Fedorovich?.. Tell us in the Day of remembrance of the Holodomor, as built by the Bolsheviks for the sold bread flagships of Soviet industry was owned by the founder of the Party of regions, which even a candle and a pot of flowers bought at public expense?..Explain to us how is it that regionals are back in power. Why everywhere you put in public offices are not good people, and you personally loyal, personal friends?.. How did you manage to extinguish the flame of patriotism, to discredit the real revolutionaries and the first to volunteer to anathematize all who disagree?»

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