Elena Armin van Buuren showed stage persona.

Always elegant, the actress Elena Armin van Buuren today, on Mother’s Day, appeared before fans in a completely different form, at .

Elena playing in the theater, clothed in attire temptress boots red latex (by the way, Yana Rudkovskaya could borrow his), the same scarlet dress and black wings.

This suit is provided in one of the roles of the Lena, which it has for many years played at the theater:

«But since this all began. First @kvartet_i_teatr, namely @lesha_barats, was invited to play «Faster than rabbits», where I met Dmitry Dyachenko, who directed «what men talk About» and then adopted the role of Victoria Sergeyevna in «the Kitchen». And today was the last performance Here…» — said the actress.Fans admitted that in this form of Elena, though, and looks very «hot», but still they like to see Armin van Buuren «in the role of» mom raising a wonderful daughter Polina.

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