«Right sector» under Lukyanovsky jail is not resolved.

Monday, November 28, will be videotapes ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych as a witness in the case of Euromaidan. «Right sector» said about their obligatory presence in the courtroom.

As reported with reference to , about this on air of Gromadsky said Vladimir Zagazey the representative of the Kiev «Right sector».

According to Mr Sagathia, representatives of the Kiev «Right sector» will definitely be on 28 November in the Svyatoshinsky court videodrome Yanukovych.

He also said that Yanukovych should be suspected in the case of the Euromaidan, and not a witness.

«The position of the «Right sector» about this big «show» — simple. Yanukovych must be suspect, not a witness. This breaking down of the basic law.

About the questioning tomorrow we will have one demand: that in the audience were relatives of the Heavenly hundred. We will ensure that they also raised questions and took part in the case.

«That is, «the Right sector» tomorrow is sure to be in court. If relatives will not be allowed, we will demand their presence,» said Vladimir Zagazey.In addition, he added that the presence of the «Right sector» under Lukyanovsky jail is not resolved.

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