This is the fourth death sentence given to the execution in Belarus in 2016.

The verdict against the killers of the three shop assistants in the Leeds area Ivan Kulesh executed.

This was announced Monday by unregistered in Belarus human rights center «Viasna» reports with reference to .

The court left the killer of three Lida sellers Kulesa death sentence As reported by human rights activists, the approximate date of the execution of the convicted, according to relatives, 5 November. Judicial Board on criminal cases of the Supreme court of Belarus in March this year upheld a death sentence Kulesa, who was sentenced by the court of Grodno in November 2015 to the exceptional measure of punishment for the murder of three women.

We will remind, according to the investigation, Kulesh in 2013 killed two female merchants in the Leeds area, inflicting numerous blows with a metal pipe in November 2014 — the axe another saleswoman from the Leeds area. He was also convicted of the attempted murder of seller’s son, who caught him at the scene. Crime, according to investigators, was committed for the purpose of obtaining money and spirits. The lawyer of the accused insisted on 25 years in prison, arguing that if porridge did not give a confession, the murder would remain a cold case.

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