A number of publications called the room of the ice show «intimidating» and «offensive».

Following the social networking wave of criticism about the dance, Tatiana Navka about the Holocaust swept the world’s media. Talking about the latest issue of the Russian show «Ice age». In it the maximum number of jury awarded to dance a native of Dnepropetrovsk Tatiana Navka and former «cheerful and resourceful» Andrew Bourkovski. The pair took to the ice dressed as Jewish concentration camp prisoners, and the song Beautiful That Way from the Italian film «Life is beautiful», reports citing .

The Huffington Post noted that the social network has called the room «tactless». The Jerusalem Post found the performance «scary». Journalists also remembered another controversial dance project in April, the participants portrayed a Nazi officer who wanted to kill a young girl, but was struck by her beauty.Wrote on room is yet another Israeli publication Haaretz. It also quoted the social network, which called the speech «offensive», «inappropriate», «tasteless» and «disgusting.» Journalists remembered that two years ago, the figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya won a gold medal at the Olympic games in Sochi with a room dedicated to the film «Schindler’s List».

Harsh reviews about the room gathered website MediaLeaks. Artists proposed to «starve a couple of months» or end the gas chamber room.- It’s not just for show. This is the theater. And to raise such issues is a must. You need to remember! And if the young people will look and ask what it is, and then learn about the Holocaust, concentration camps and the movie «La Dolce Vita» — so we got to the point, explained the «Komsomolskaya Pravda» the dance of Tatiana Navka.

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