What natural remedies will help to get rid of unpleasant coughing.

In the season of influenza and SARS the most common companion of the disease is cough in a child and an adult.

He, as practice shows, may not give the rest a few weeks after a viral infection, reports citing .

Today’s physicians, every day, facing similar diseases, is not recommended to get involved in self and uncontrollably to nominate yourself or children Immunostimulants, antibiotics and anti-viral drugs, the effectiveness of which, according to the Ministry of health of Ukraine, not proven.

In the acute period of the disease should stay home, call doctor, get plenty of sleep and a few times a day to ventilate the room where the patient is a family member. In addition, for a speedy recovery should drink as much as possible. Warm water, weak tea, juice and fruit drinks in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases are an indispensable part of it.

Our grandparents, in the home medicine Cabinet which had no such Arsenal of various drugs, used traditional foods that could save cough. The best natural cough medicine healers believe med. It is able to support the body during illness, saturating it with useful vitamins and trace elements, so necessary in this difficult period.

It turns out that honey can be made even more useful! This should not be subjected to heat treatment is tea a bit of sugar. You can also add some useful ingredients that will enhance the sweetness in the event of illness and its prevention.


½ Cup cranberry juice add half Cup of honey. Take 1-2 tea spoon 5-7 times a day with warm drinks.


Squeeze the juice of one lemon or to the state of a homogeneous slurry grind it in the blender or with the grinder. Add 1 Cup of honey and stir it all up. Tasty medication that can be taken at night and during the day with tea.


Approximately 100 g of fresh berries of viburnum pour 1 incomplete Cup of honey, progra on low heat 4-5 minutes, but in no case do not boil. After cooling, this is honey jam can be eaten with tea, juice or water.

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