The greatest contamination was the Central city beach of Sudak.

Today the inhabitants of Sudak in the Crimea found on the beaches of the black spots of a binder of petroleum origin – is likely to fuel oil, the official website of the city, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

«Black spots stretched almost around the coast of the city – from Alcala to the fortress. The greatest contamination was the Central city beach from the cafe Brigantine to the rescue station. The heavy fraction of petroleum products, including fuel oil is the most harmful to the environment. On the waterfront is already found dead in the oil bird,» the message reads.

According to the Director of enterprise Sudamericans Sergei Troitsky, most likely oil got on the coast with a cargo ship, which went to Sudak Bay in a storm.About the incident informed the ecological inspection and environmental Prosecutor’s office. Local residents were asked to refrain from visiting the beaches.

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