To the man threatens till six years of imprisonment.

In the capital police detained a man of Caucasian appearance, of a suspect in the theft of a Bicycle from the apartment in Solomenskiy district of the city, informs with reference to.

It is reported that the evening in the apartment on the street of Engineering the security alarm system worked. Police arrived on the scene found the attacker with a Bicycle in hand, which was on the scene. What’s he doing in the apartment, he could not explain. During the survey it was found that the locks on the front door is busted.

On a scene there arrived the owner of the apartment who identified his Bicycle. Of the attackers was a 25-year-old suspect, a citizen of another state, he was taken in Solomenskiy police Department.»The event information is entered in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations initiated criminal proceedings under article 185 (theft) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. To the man threatens till six years of imprisonment», — is spoken in the message.

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