The development of mental abilities, language has helped man to acquire such a wonderful sense of humor.

A group of psychologists from the University of Missouri came to the conclusion that humor is a product of human evolution, reports citing .

Signs of humor also found in primates, but it is the people reached full development in him.

Scientists came to this conclusion after a long research and analysis. Their words imply that the members of the early hominids were also able to demonstrate qualities of humor, but then he had a completely different purpose. Using humor ancient people could determine the mental capacity of each of them. In the course of human evolution changed and the humor that he added the words, sounds, phrases and a variety of other complex configurations. To date, the humor is quite versatile. It can be funny, sarcastic, inspirational and so on. However, even today, not everyone can boast of a good sense of humor. That is why such people are more attractive and valuable in modern society.

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