The guards refused to move incorrectly parked vehicles.

In the river, near one of the private schools there was a conflict between the bodyguards of the children and the police, who demanded to be taken off the luxury cars parked in two rows in violation of the rules, reports citing .

The driver which came on the patrol, refused to produce documents and began to argue. He was supported by three men. They tried to rip patrol badges, radios and cameras. During the fight one of the attackers fired a gun. In the end, the two bullies, the police managed to disarm and handcuff. The third ran off with my lapel camera patrol.

Already in regional Department of the police revealed that a second assailant was armed. Both have found a traumatic pistol. According to preliminary information, it is private security guards who were accompanying students to school.

Now details of incident are found out by investigators.»Drivers immediately began to behave aggressively, began to shout at the patrol, waving his arms. Injuries have not received. The arrest was forceful, one camera was gone,» — said the representative of the press service of the patrol police of the Dnieper Yulia Kurochkina.

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