The singer told why actually left the «VIA gra» and how I met my husband.

On the eve of his first solo tour of the Ukraine, the singer gave an exclusive interview and explained why actually left the «VIA gra» how I met my husband and became Urzhumtseva, on jealousy of the younger daughters and her boutique, reports .

— Hope as a child you assumed that you bind your life with the scene?
— I think six years before I had other plans, though from early childhood, I have become attached to those characters who were shown on TV. This inner emotional surge I felt after watching the ballet «Swan lake». Since then I had a dream to be on stage. Deep down, I didn’t realize that it can become my profession, but I really wanted to. Besides, since childhood, on holidays, I spoke to his relatives, and showed some acting sketches. Then did Michael Jackson, who had completely turned my mind. Years in 10 I saw a documentary about him, and I was struck by his energy. The jitters that he caused in me, even words can not convey. It Jackson inspired me to dance, though I was engaged in athletics. He returned the love of music, which I completely discourage the desire to engage the teacher.

In his native village Zbruchivka how often do you come today?
Very rarely, although there lives my grandmother and dad. With classmates relations are not supported, we completely lost contact. It happened since prom.

— What was your very first earnings in life?
In 13 years I was a member of the folk dance and simultaneously put myself solo. The first money I earned at the age of 13 and it was 13 hryvnia. I spent them on nylon tights and imported Apple. Like that, you know, bright and large, but absolutely tasteless (laughs).

— When did you feel the first freedom from the parents?
— Friends of my mother in childhood was struck by how the child may not to ask for anything. Apparently, it was my nature — never to ask. When I acted in «VIA GRE» and moved to Kiev, it happened that I had an empty fridge. But I haven’t called mom and asked to send me money. And this happened often. The ability to count money appeared when I was 22-23 years. The fee for the first round of «VIA gra», when there was already a long time ago and I I have spent on buying music and not on clothes. Later I bought some insanely expensive camera and lenses to him, because I wanted to develop. Money for a rainy day I’m saving up, and immediately put into a case.

— When you first feel their sexuality — during the «VIA gra» or before?
— Excessive attention from men I felt the first time when I was nine years old. Yes, I had started to develop, and this applies not only to shapes (smiles). To me, a 10-year-old girl, was very strange to receive offers from 40-year-old men to drink together tea or coffee. But thanks to this I developed a strong immunity to men long ago and see them through.

— What are the most unrealistic suggestions have you received from fans?
In 2000-ies was a serious echoes of banditry, because the guys from the 90’s have not gone away. Often they have been invited to perform at their private events, and there were cases when we were hiding in the rooms of the musicians and not his own. After all, these comrades were often drunk and were looking for us meeting. The guard was guarding us as best they could, and fortunately all ended well. When offered an apartment, the car, I knew that it’s not just like: free cheese only in a mousetrap. Besides, I brought up that everything in life should be to achieve the most.

— With someone from the former bandmates have you maintained the friendship? Can meet for a coffee and gossip like girlfriends?
— Most likely, this is Alena Vinnitskaya and Albina dzhanabaeva. Still, in principle, with Vera Brezhneva. Not to say that we have quite friendly relations, but we have energy points of contact, I feel still a kind of kinship. Purposefully in life we don’t meet — each has its own path and way. The group were all artificially drawn, although someone and became friends. In principle, to friendship I have a very specific attitude. I can’t believe it! And believe in fate, chemistry and mental attitude, not the fact that step by step.

— Your eyes evolved relationship Vera Brezhneva with Konstantin Meladze and Albina with Valery. So many years, all was silent! You had it spelled out in the contract that you are not allowed to disclose details of his personal life each other?
— First of all, all these years I have never had a contract with «VIA Gras». Secondly, whoever thought I was, if I took all told? No request on their part was not. I never this relationship is not analyzed, nor with whom not to discuss, and I, frankly, don’t care what others think of them. If they are good together, then let them be together. It’s none of my business.

— Konstantin Meladze you today? Asked his advice about the development of the solo career?
In this respect I am a very obstinate person. I have no authority. I could be wrong, but I will not consult, will still do what you want. At some point in my life I realized that I didn’t want to do what you did yesterday. I want a new path. Yes, I realize that the projects I make today, they are difficult, adults. But to me it is very inspiring.

For the life of the current «VIA gra» you follow?
— Not on purpose, but why? If you want to watch a clip of «VIA gra» will include better «Attempt №5» (laughs).

— Nostalgia for that time do not feel?
— It only appears when I am invited to speak together with Valery Meladze or in the framework of some of the events where I sing these songs again. I would never leave «VIA gra» if I wanted to be there and develop. I don’t break the connection when they are strong. When they hang in the balance and no way to save it, then all break off any relationship. Konstantin suggested some time to revive the old structure, but still nothing happened.

— What are you living now?
— I live with my family and two projects — the musical performance and workshop meiher_by_meiher where I’m creating the clothes. Recently I have appeared own Studio, where I’m in charge. This whole creative process, I was absorbed completely. And you know what? Already at the initial stage of my business has ceased to be profitable, although I understand that is not short-term earnings.

— Tell us about your musical performances, you will soon play in many Ukrainian cities.
— Yes, we are preparing for a tour in Ukraine, it will be held in December. The play is called Historia de Un Amor, which translates as a love story. There are more of my poems, one of my song in the Ukrainian language, as well as famous songs in Russian and Spanish. The basis of the production — the Argentine tango.

Project, as I understand it, not for a mass audience.
— When I went in solo sailing, I faced a serious choice to sing what you want or what other people want. I don’t want to create mass-market neither in songs nor in clothes. Believe me, if I wanted, I’d found a hit that would have sounded from each iron. But then I would be dishonest in front of him. If I don’t like something, I slam the door and leave. Of course, I understand that it affects income. But I have only one life and I want to live it with maximum pleasure, without breaking with their beliefs.

— Your experience of filming in movies and on television in the lead — is also a search for himself?
— I was invited, and it was a sin to disagree. Now on TV I’m not called, but with my former colleague on the project «the Incredible truth about stars» Gregory Reshetnik we sometimes are together events. As for my debut in the movie, namely the film «do You love me?», I can’t say hundred percent satisfied with the result. I was not quite at ease. It seems to me that I have such facial features and internal component that would have looked more appropriate in fairy tales, period dramas and not contemporary stories.

— And the ambition to play in a feature film you have?
— I look at the world from the perspective that all the time. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen. I also do not sit idly at home waiting for offers from the film producers.

— Let’s move to your personal life. With her current husband Mikhail Urzhumtseva you had a love at first sight or you’ve been used to each other?
— It really was love at first sight — completely mutual and completely unexpected. We both have the first same moment sneaking feeling that we had something special.

— Before I met you, Michael lived and did business in St. Petersburg. You had the choice of moving or just decided to live in Kiev?
— Option of my moving to Russia, we have not even discussed once. When the question arose, where will we live, immediately stopped at Kiev, especially Misha liked it immediately. Despite the fact that this beautiful city is terribly run, I still insanely comfortable. We live in Kiev, in our shared apartment. And Misha already have a residence permit in our country.

— How did you meet?
— Our meeting was on the presentation of clothing of Renata Litvinova in Moscow. At that time we were already acquainted with her, and she invited me to the event. She cooperated with the brand clothing brand, whose Director General is Mike. And there, in the dressing room, Mike came by to congratulate Renata, and our eyes accidentally crossed paths. And that’s all! When we first met, I remember Mike I was asking if I was interested to do clothes. Then he did not know who I do this (laughs). And when the staff asked him if he knows who just spoke, Misha replied in the negative. When he has called my name — or rather, the group in which I participated, he said he heard somewhere about this team, but is interested in completely different music. But then things quickly started to happen…

— Many men love when their wives are sitting at home and doing exclusively family. Michael expressed similar wishes?
— With me such moments never discussed. And if such a question ever arise, I will begin to put the choice, I will answer only one thing: my choice — it works! It’s as if I offered to cut off an arm or a leg, or live half. I don’t want to. We had a clash of two characters, but as for our professions — never had any problems. In addition, for any man, I think it should be important to his beloved woman to grow as a person. My husband is not afraid of competition in my face, as, in fact, I’m in it (laughs).

— When you quarrel, who first goes to be reconciled?
— In different ways. Even though a lot of the scandals we in principle do not exist. We have not reached it. We’re the kind of people who would not have helped if it wasn’t mutual love. Because, honestly, I can quite happily live alone. Before I met Mike I didn’t need a steady relationship. I needed the freedom and opportunity to get involved in what I want. To some extent, and Misha like this — maybe that’s why we agree. While there we met solely because of the mutual love that gives us the opportunity to be happy and to go without forcing any compromises.

— Many women are trying to bind to a man, giving birth to his children…
— It’s such a tragedy when this happens. When people live together because of the mutual respect, close friendship, not for love. Years later all will have an impact on themselves and on children. Life should be full on all sides. I must sincerely want to have sex with her husband, and not because it is marital debt that I owe him to perform. Therefore, the love relationship between a man and a woman is very important. We ourselves are an example to their own children, and when we kiss in front of them — show what family should be, what kind of atmosphere should prevail between mom and dad. Many are trying to create a family, not yet realizing the love. This is a big mistake. You should always look for mutual love, then the children born in love, be happy.

— What are you a home owner?
— When I was in Kiev, all the farm itself. She go for shopping, visit control sections of of their children, monitor the payment, sometimes prepare. When going on tour, on the farm remain the husband or my mother.

— Your eldest daughter, Anya jealous of your younger Marijke?
— Of course, at first she was jealous of me, but it is now more or less accustomed. Of course, she also demands attention. But I can see how they love each other and squeezed.

— Your son Igor (from civil marriage from businessman Alexander Lishchenko) for 14 years. You discuss with him the choice of future profession?
We are constantly talking about it, because Igor is studying in 9th class. To date, the most progressive industry IT-technology, it is Igor and bends the most. Although he has many other talents: he plays as an exact science, and the Humanities. And he at the time, quickly mastered the piano, began to compose music. Draws fantastic! And loves math. For me doesn’t really matter what profession you choose son, the main thing that this choice he made himself, and not we, the parents, for him.

Your recognition constrains the freedom of behavior?
— Ten years ago it was, but at the moment — absolutely not. I knew from the beginning what profession you chose. Another thing is when people come to me with habarnam attitude. It’s not even the familiarity and impudence of some sort. That call «you» is in order. Such people think that all they have around, and I including. This happens even when I take pictures like I’m from the zoo. For example, sitting in a cafe with someone, and come to me and insolently, straight in the face, without any permission remove at the phone. Although actually it’s not even funny, and I understand that it’s not the global problem compared to what is happening now in the world.

— Always wanted to ask about your name — today you Granovsky or Meyher?
— My maiden name — Meyher. Wilson is just a nickname that we came up with together with Dmitry Kostyuk (one of the creators of «VIA gra». — Ed.). And the passport I had two years Urzhumtseva (laughs).

— Your attitude to plastic surgery?
— A lot of people who have inner inferiority complex. I never, ever did plastic surgery, not a Botox, not a boob job. I — for the naturalness of both external and internal. But, of course, there are exceptions in the form of life’s necessities, when the accident occurred or failed operation.— Despite giving birth to three children, you’ve managed to maintain a perfect figure. What it cost you?
— You say so as if he had seen me naked (laughs). Yes, in my family no one has ever been inclined to corpulence. Especially since I’m always on the move. To seriously get better, I need probably a day to eat everything, to drink, smoke and lie on the couch, but I do not get it (smiles).

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