The incident occurred at a party at the estate of Prince Andrew in Windsor.

An accident turned into a joke of a British Princess Beatrice at the party at the estate of Prince Andrew in Windsor. The Princess decided to «dedicate» his friend, musician James blunt, knights, and poorly swung sword, accidentally cut another performer – ed Sheeran, reports citing .

Fortunately, Sheeran escaped with slight shock and a small cut on her cheek. About the incident, said an eyewitness. According to him, in the midst of the party guests discuss awards. Blunt said that he would like to become a knight.

«Beatrice said in jest that he may arrange it, and brought a ceremonial sword. She stretched over him a sword and said «arise, sir James», just like her grandmother in the Palace.

But perhaps she had misjudged the weight of a sword or something, and instead of tapping him on the shoulder, she waved back at them, not knowing that ed is standing right behind it,» – said an eyewitness.

Ed Sheeran showed the injured cheek, And although the wound was not serious, Sheeran was hospitalized, however, immediately and released back to the party. Representatives of the Buckingham Palace and speaker Sheeran not given a review about what happened.

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