Children in Ukraine are named after Yarosh and wife of the President.

Ukraine is now in fashion exotic names. Girls called Theon, Persia, Naomi and Melanie, and the boys give the old names — svyatozar, Varlam, Samson.

In addition, the name children in honor of contemporaries: for example, in Ivano-Frankivsk region the boy was given the name Yarosh, reports citing .


The five most common female names of the country include Anastasia, Anna, Sophia, Maria and Pauline (see chart). Among the male — Tom, Arseniy, Denis, Daniel and Ivan.

As for the regions, in Kharkiv, Sumy, Donetsk and Luhansk regions already frequent such names as Cyrus, Ursula, Bozena, and for boys — Valtasar, Gordey and Dobroslav.

At the same time in Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk in a fashion more familiar to Mary, Salome, Christina, Daniel, Nazar and Svyatoslav. However, there are the originals. So, in Ivano-Frankivsk region boy recently named Jaros — probably in honor of the former leader of «Right sector».

And in Kiev began to appear Melania — so called wife five minutes to the President of the United States. Still children are called to honor the heroines of the series. For example, in the Vinnytsia region, the light appeared Mirima is the name of a Turkish heroine of the Saga «the Magnificent century» about Roksolana, and in the Dnieper river and Kiev now live Teona — the namesake of the heroine of «Game of thrones».


«The fashion for unusual names were always. Dazdraperma — this is a classic example. But you should not overdo it, since «Theon V.» or «V. Yarosh» once going to school, to work. And if it’s not very convenient due to their names, and the life they may be not the way they want. Moreover, if the names relate to the current politicians, because who knows what we have in the country will be in ten years how these people are treated,» says child psychologist Olga Lisovenko.

Numerologist Tamara Polyakova believes that bright names can affect the fate of the children. «Names are like clothes, they are additional features and can enhance the existing quality. For example, Naomi may grow an optimist, Perseus means well-being. In General, names are cyclical. Today on the playgrounds of little Katya, Tanya and Ol, but in ten years the fashion may again go back,» says numerologist.

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