Pavel Kazarin told why we should not admire the achievements of well-known revolutionaries.

To praise revolutionary Che Guevara and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro – it’s like that to admire the «revolutionary achievements» of the terrorist «DNR» Motorola, at .

This opinion was expressed by journalist Pavel Kazarin on his page in Facebook.

«Admire the Cuban revolutionary garland may be the only one who have no cause-and-effect relationships. T-shirt with Che – this is the same as Mike with Motorola. All the same «revolution for export,» guerrilla warfare, military operations against the regular army. Only in one case, the Congo and Bolivia and the other in Donetsk and Luhansk. So you, please, define — you can not blame the rifle and wearing shirts with «Comandante». Because the difference between these characters at best stylistic» — said Kazarin.

According to him, Cuba is a great example of what happens to countries of the marginalized, to admire which is most convenient at a safe distance.»If «LDNR» continues, we, too, in ten years will find in the Donetsk Prospekt Motorola, rolling in the area Zakharchenko, which is at a right angle to a split street named after Givi Milchakova. And after a couple of generations, any attempt by historians to explain the real contribution of all these characters in the history of the city will come across indifference and words that «don’t need to rename anything» — say, «we must remember history as it is», — the journalist summed up.

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