He said that the «enemies» of Russia is worthy of a warning strike.

Settlements, faces, and centers, funding «aggression» against Russia, «the moral worthy of an all-destroying blow» reports with reference to

This was stated by the priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, Vsevolod Chaplin on his page in Facebook.

«The new tools of war, including those inspired from outside the plots and riots, should not leave any doubt that it is war – and then, in response morally permissible to use all available military means, including weapons of mass destruction. Brilliantly told Franz Klintsevich about the possibility of targeting the targets of NATO of our nuclear weapons. The presidential administration did not even dare to straighten his tightly – in fact, there is nothing to argue, we came up with a new arms race, and to answer it,» writes the priest.

According to him, the need to overcome «more than strange and stupid psychological barrier before the words «the use of nuclear weapons».

«And don’t be afraid to go further. The Military doctrine reads: «the Russian Federation reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to application against it and (or) its allies of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and also in case of aggression against Russia with conventional weapons, a threat to the very existence of the state» However, the aggression and threat to the existence of the state will be particularly relevant in the case of provoking riots outside,» — said Vsevolod Chaplin.

He said that the «enemies» of Russia is worthy of a warning strike.

«Simply put: begins one well-known figure to Finance and promote the «orange» scenario — destroyed all objects where he and his entourage reside. Including yachts. If someone wants to be scared by talk about «death of mankind» the present Orthodox Christian, for whom the day to repent and quick demise are the absolute good — such scarers just live in an inverted world, a world of the absurd,» the Archbishop wrote.

As reported by the «observer», formerly the Chaplin said that the Euromaidan in Ukraine and the military coup attempt in Turkey demonstrated that the internal enemies you have to fight force.

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