Joint pain suffer as the elderly and young.

The numbers are frightening — about a third of the population of the earth! Causes for joint pain can be diverse, here are some of the most common, reports citing .


This chronic disease primarily affects the intervertebral discs. Changes occur in the cartilage tissue and entail the consequences, such as deformation of the disc, hernia. The pain is usually located in the back, neck and even head. Can be dizziness and numbness and loss of sensation of the feet.

Osteochondrosis is a very old disease, which suffered back in two-thousand years BC. Osteochondrosis is a disease that can be characterized as follows: it affects the intervertebral discs and bone tissue adjacent to them. As a result, may develop osteoarthritis and arthritis – the destruction of tissues, which will lead to very adverse consequences up to paralysis of certain parts of the body.

Causes of low back pain can completely different, but more often it occurs because of genetic predisposition, received from relatives, poor posture and heavy physical work in childhood and adolescence. If the child is in school at the Desk was sitting wrong all the years of training, then be surprised that it will suffer the same fate as the one who unloaded the wagons with coal, not worth it.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis is different, depending on which part of the spine was struck by the disease, but there are some common features of each type of disease.

1) Localized back pain near spine – is the first symptom of the disease. Also the pain may radiate to (give) in different parts of the back and sternum. The pain can be easily relieved by analgesics, but not for long: if the inflammation is acute, just a week back will start aching as if the vertebrae began to move and change the screen.

2) Can be numbness in the extremities, which is also accompanied by pain in the back. If cervical osteochondrosis, it will hurt not only the neck, but the occipital part of the head. With cervical osteochondrosis pain to stop is really difficult, so it is better to consult a specialist – the doctor-neurologist.

If You find yourself signs of osteochondrosis, do not try to self-medicate: the disease is serious and has a whole set of complications if not properly treated. The first thing You have to an appointment to the therapist, and from it already You go to a neurologist. Treatment is usually outpatient, requires no surgical interventions, Represents from five to ten injections and at least a special cream with chondroprotectors, which you can buy in the nearest pharmacy in the online store.


The causes of this disease are excessive obesity and old age. Most often the pain is localized in the region of the hip joints, joints between phalanges of fingers and knee. Pain in osteoarthritis may be different, there are four types of pain:

• pain mechanical (increases during exercise and at rest, decreases)

• pain blockade (with the pinching of the cartilage between the surfaces of joints)

• pain starting (abruptly appears and disappears at the beginning of the load)

in vascular pain (constant, appears mostly at night and takes place in the morning, during active movements).

Rheumatoid arthritis

The main symptoms are swelling and deformity of the diseased joint, constant pain, weakness, fatigue. Cartilage destruction occurs gradually.


It is, in fact, a hereditary disease. This disease, according to statistics, affects one in three thousand. May be caused by metabolic disorders, including poor diet (consumption of fatty foods and alcohol). The pain is sudden, and very strong. Accompanied by redness. The patient’s joint, as it were «burning» within.

Psoriatic arthritis

Development occurs over time, but there were cases of rapid development. Completely cure, unfortunately it is impossible, but you can greatly mitigate the symptoms of this disease. The symptoms are the following:

• deformity of the joint

• staining of the skin in the maroon color in place of the pathological process

• painful, disturbing mostly at night

• due to the violation of elasticity of the ligaments, various types of dislocations.

Treatment of joint pain primarily depends on the cause of their manifestation. Sometimes it is massage and physiotherapy, in addition to special creams will only improve the effect. For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis can sometimes require surgery. If the cause was gout, then the doctor may prescribe pain medication to stop the seizure. And will carry out the correction of the diet. But in any case, self to do not recommended since the wrong diagnosis and accordingly treatment can cause severe complications.

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